VHF coordination research project

A historical view of VHF Coordination

This research project is intended to show the birth of two-meter FM and the how/why the current day band plans for FM operation evolved.  It was intended to be published in December 2021, but the level of research required pushed it to today.  Two-meters has many strange coordination policies, from a baffling 600 kHz split, to different channel sizes across the band.  This paper seeks to explain how these policies came about backed up with verifiable references.

I found the evolution from the early 1930’s until fascinating and it was well worth the time spent researching for this project.  Anyone who has scratched their head looking at the two-meter band plans should find the answers they need in this.  As FASMA is the de-facto keeper of the Florida band plans, it’s imperative our members understand how these evolved.

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