441.5250 K4HG Cudjoe Key DMR

441.5250 K4HG is online from Cudjoe Key on DMR.
441.5250 K4HG Cudjoe Key Service Area

Record ID      : 1513
Coord Date     : 2020-08-18
Update Date    : 2020-08-18
Holder         : Steven S. Dimse
Trustee        : Steve S. Dimse, K4HG
URL            : http://www.k4flk.org/
County         : Marion
City           : Cudjoe Key
Lat, Lon       : 24.66, -81.48
Callsign       : K4HG
Output Freq    : 441.5250 MHz
Input Freq     : 446.5250 MHz
Bandwidth      : 12.500 KHz
Emission 1     : 7K60FXE
Emission 2     : 
ERP            : 113 Watts, +50.53 dBm
Antenna Height : 13.00 Meters
DMR CC         : CC1 = 8, CC2 = 8
Model          : https://plots.fasma.org/440/441.5250_K4HG_Cudjoe-Key_1513.kmz
Service        : 22 km
Interference   : 53 km

The coverage model is a standard KML format and may be viewed in google earth.  
This is automatically generated based on your location, antenna height, ERP and

Florida Amateur Spectrum Management Association, Inc.

146.6100 KC4SME Cantonment Granted

This was granted after co-state coordination work.  Thanks SERA, ALRC, and AFCARS for helping with this. From the looks of it, this repeater should cover a great part of Pensacola and surrounding areas.
146.6100 KC4SME Cantonment

Record ID      : 1508
Coord Date     : 2020-08-02
Update Date    : 2020-08-17
Holder         : Jeffrey Bookout, KC4SME
Trustee        : Jeffrey Bookout, KC4SME
URL            : No URL On File
County         : Escambia
City           : Cantonment
Lat, Lon       : 30.60, -87.36
Callsign       : KC4SME
Output Freq    : 146.6100 MHz
Input Freq     : 146.0100 MHz
Bandwidth      : 15.000 KHz
Emission 1     : 16K0F3E
Emission 2     : 
ERP            : 214 Watts, +53.3 dBm
Antenna Height : 152.40 Meters
Access Tone Out: 100.0 Hz
Access Tone In : 100.0 Hz
Model          : https://plots.fasma.org/144/146.6100_KC4SME_Cantonment_1508.kmz
Service        : 50 km
Interference   : 130 km
Adjacent 1     : 48 km

The coverage model is a standard KML format and may be viewed in google earth.  
This is automatically generated based on your location, antenna height, ERP and

442.4500 KG4RPH Clermont Transfer to W4VCO

Robert Wooten KG4RPH has passed away.  At his widows request the repeater has been transferred to Julian Homan, W4VCO.
442.4500|447.45|16K0F3E|NULL|103.5|103.5|NULL||NULL||0|||||762|1|W4VCO| Julian Homan, W4VCO|Clermont|2020-07-26|2020-07-26|28.56|-81.74|68.88|NULL|NULL|160|25.000|41|91|NULL|NULL|1|https://plots.fasma.org/440/442.4500_KG4RPH_Clermont_762.kmz|0|0|0|0||0||0|0|0|N|0||0

444.0500 K1ST Key West granted

A new DMR repeater is online in Key West, via the Key West ARC. This looks like it should cover the entirety of key west. 444.0500|449.050|7K60FXE|NULL|NULL|NULL|1|1|1|1|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|1511|1|K1ST|Florida Keys Amateur Radio Club|Key West|2020-07-26|2020-07-26|24.55|-81.81|22.00|RIG|DB436-C|382|12.500|26|53|NULL|NULL|1|https://plots.fasma.org/440/444.0500_K1ST_Key-West_1511.kmz|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|http://www.k4flk.org/|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL   444.0500_K1ST_Key-West_1511_Service.png  

444.2750 W4VCO Polk City

444.2750 W4VCO is coordinated in Polk City, it’s a DMR repeater CC1 for access.

444.2750|449.275|7K60FXE|NULL|NULL|NULL|1|1|1|2|0|||||1277|1|W4VCO|Julian A. Homan, W4VCO|Polk City|2020-05-05|2019-11-15|28.20|-81.79|91.44|GTOWER|455-5N|233|12.500|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|1|https://plots.fasma.org/440/444.2750_W4VCO_Polk-City_1277.kmz|0|0|0|0||0||0|0|0|N|0||0



444.6500 AJ4IR Cocoa Beach

444.6500 – AJ4IR – Cocoa Beach

This is an update from the Indian River ARC on their 444.6500 repeater.  The callsign and ERP was updated.


444.6500|449.65|16K0F3E|NULL|107.2|107.2|NULL||NULL||0|||||419|1|AJ4IR|Indian River Amateur Radio Club, Inc|Cocoa Beach|2020-04-29|2020-04-29|28.35|-80.78|78.00|LTOWER|455-5N|430|25.000|46|98|NULL|NULL|1|https://plots.fasma.org/440/444.6500_AJ4IR_Cocoa-Beach_419.kmz|0|0|0|0||0|http://irarc.ham-radio-op.|1|0|0|N|0||0

You may find more information on there website here


224.1200 AJ4IR Cocoa-West

224.1200 AJ4IR Cocoa-West

This 220 repeater is wideband FM on 224.1200 with a 123.0 PL.

It is coordinated as of today, and you may find more information on the Indian River Amateur Radio Club Website

224.1200||16K0F3E|NULL|123.0|123.0|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|1507|1|AJ4IR|Indian River Amateur Radio Club, Inc.|Cocoa West|2020-04-29|2020-04-29|28.36|-80.75|119.00|GTOWER|SD214-SF3P|177|20.000|49|92|NULL|NULL|1|https://plots.fasma.org/222/224.1200_AJ4IR_Cocoa-West_1507.kmz|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|http://irarc.ham-radio-op.|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL




441.8000 KM4HJJ Pompano Beach

441.8000 KM4HJJ Pompano Beach

This is a wideband FM and Yaesu Fusion repeater.  CTCSS is 110.9 Hz

441.8000|NULL|16K0F3E|9K36F7W|110.9|110.9|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|1|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|1495|1|KM4HJJ|Terry Delmonaco|Pompano Beach|2020-04-29|2020-04-29|26.22|-80.09|100.00|BANT|BOA4357|68|25.000|39|83|NULL|NULL|1|https://plots.fasma.org/440/441.0000_KM4HJJ_Pompano-Beach_1495.kmz|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL


Granted as of today, with the service contour below.


443.5000 KO4SRC Milton

443.5000 KOSRC is online and coordinated.  They are DPL only with a code of 023

443.5000|448.5000|16K0F3E|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|1502|1|KO4SRC|RRPA - PACE RANGE|Milton|2020-04-29|2020-04-29|30.65|-87.16|36.50|TANK|X50A|126|25.000|42|107|NULL|NULL|1|https://plots.fasma.org/440/443.5000_KO4SRC_Milton_1502.kmz|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|http://rrpahq.org|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL

The RRPA website has more information on this repeater.



443.3125 KM4ECQ Avon Park

New repeater coordinated to KM4ECQ in Avon Park.  This is a MMDVM multi-mode repeater.


KM4ECQ has a website here

443.3125|448.3125|7K60FXE|4K00F1E|NULL|NULL|1|NULL|1|NULL|NULL|NULL|1|293|293|1506|1|KM4ECQ|Ryan J. Haynie|Avon Park|2019-04-01|NULL|27.60|-81.51|9.14|Ltower|X30A|70|12.500|27|74|NULL|NULL|1|https://plots.fasma.org/440/443.3125_KM4ECQ_Avon-Park_1506.kmz|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|1|http://www.km4ecq.net|1|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL

443.3125 KM4ECQ Avon Park
443.3125 KM4ECQ Avon Park