Our organizational disclosures are posted here.  This includes links to our corporate documents and bylaws.

FASMA Documents

FASMA Articles of Incorporation
FASMA Certified Articles of Incorporation
FASMA Form 1023 – Application for non-for-profit status under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code
IRS response to inquiry – Response to IRS inquiry regarding 1023 filing
IRS Determination Letter for FASMA
– IRS letter determining FASMA to be a public charity


FRC Legacy Documents

Florida Repeater Council Articles of Incorporation filed on November 5, 1984
FRC_Coordination_Policy as of October 23, 2014  – suspended as of July 6, 2017
FRC_bylaws adopted by the board as of February, 11 2017 at Orlando meeting.  These bylaws changes were in violation of the AoI and removed all the members.
FRC_bylaws as of February 14, 2015.  These are the last valid bylaws of the FRC prior to dissolving the board/bylaws by the members.
FRC Updated AoI Updated Florida Department of State and Articles of Incorporation from July 6, 2017