Decoordination 444.2750 K4MPX Bradenton

We’ve emailed the trustee and called numerous times without a response.  This is decoordinated.

Record ID      : 389
Coord Date     : 2020-05-23
Update Date    : 2014-10-01
Holder         : Yves S. Sahtoe, K4MPX
Trustee        : Yves S. Sahtoe, K4MPX
URL            : 
County         : Manatee
City           : Bradenton
Lat, Lon       : 27.49, -82.66
Callsign       : K4MPX
Output Freq    : 444.2750 MHz
Input Freq     : 449.2750 MHz
Bandwidth      : 25.000 KHz
Emission 1     : 16K0F3E
Emission 2     : 
ERP            : 100.0 Watts, +50 dBm
Antenna Height : 15.24 Meters
Access Tone Out: 103.5 Hz
Access Tone In : 103.5 Hz
Model          :

444.4875 WC4PEM Bartow

This was under KJ4ACN and the prior owner asked us to move it to WC4PEM Polk County Emergency Management’s ownership.
444.4875 WC4PEM Bartow Service Area
444.4875 WC4PEM Bartow Service Area

Record ID      : 1401
Coord Date     : 2020-07-02
Update Date    : 2021-02-02
Holder         : Polk County Emergency Management
Trustee        : Richard Sharp, KQ4KX
URL            :
County         : Polk
City           : Bartow
Lat, Lon       : 27.88, -81.82
Callsign       : WC4PEM
Output Freq    : 444.4875 MHz
Input Freq     : 449.4875 MHz
Bandwidth      : 12.500 KHz
Emission 1     : 6K25F7W
Emission 2     : 
ERP            : 97.5 Watts, +49.89 dBm
Antenna Height : 125.00 Meters
Model          :
Service        : 53 km
Interference   : 100 km

The coverage model is a standard KML format and may be viewed in google earth.  
This is automatically generated based on your location, antenna height, ERP and

Florida Amateur Spectrum Management Association, Inc.

441.9000 KJ4VEH Titusville Itinerant


Record ID : 3567
Coord Date : 2020-12-11
Update Date : 2020-12-11
Holder : Robert R Ortiz, Jr
Trustee : Rober R Ortiz, Jr, KJ4VEH
County : Brevard
City : Titusville
Lat, Lon : 28.56, -80.80
Callsign : KJ4VEH
Output Freq : 441.9000 MHz
Input Freq : 446.9000 MHz
Bandwidth : 25.000 KHz
Emission 1 : 16K0F3E
Emission 2 :
ERP : 93.3 Watts, +49.7 dBm
Antenna Height : 6.00 Meters
Access Tone Out: 88.5 Hz
Access Tone In : 88.5 Hz
Model :
Service : 16 km
Interference : 45 km

The coverage model is a standard KML format and may be viewed in google earth.
This is automatically generated based on your location, antenna height, ERP and

Florida Amateur Spectrum Management Association, Inc.

442.2250 KN4EHC Deland Granted

442.2250 KN4EHC in Deland is granted.  This is a DMR repeater and mixed wide band FM with a 103.5 Hz Tone.  It should have a good area of coverage across Deland/Deltona and out to the beaches.
442.2250|447.2250|7K60FXE|16K0F3E|103.5|103.5|1|NULL|1|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|1510|1|KN4EHC|Scott Penton|Deland|2020-07-26|2020-07-26|29.04|-81.30|33.53|BANT|F718A|224|25.000|35|74|NULL|NULL|1||NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL

Notices of offline repeaters

FASMA personnel from time to time will review our listings of coordinated repeaters.  This is done from within the service area at a close location to the repeater using an HT or mobile radio, which guarantees the repeater should be able to be keyed up and tested.  FASMA will ID, we don’t just kerchunk repeaters either.  If we find one to be offline during testing, we will follow up with a notice similar to the below example.

As we have models based on the coordination now, we can be sure we’re testing from the coordinated service area.  This prevents holding a coordination for a repeater on a 200 meter tower but where the trustee has it really operating from his garage as they have lost the site.  We also test that it can be used per the coordinated PL or access tone, to verify it’s not just a beacon.

If you receive one of these notices, please update us via email, and submit a new coordination form.  If the system is offline for maintenance, simply let us know when it’s back online.  We don’t want to de-coordinate anyone without cause, but it’s good amateur practice to relinquish a coordination if you’re offline with no plans to go back in operation.

Example notice:
 Dear Bryan Fields, W9CR,
 Your repeater, Record: 1496, Callsign: W9CR, on 224.0600 has been identified as
 being off air during an audit of coordinated repeaters in the area.  The
 repeater was checked from an HT a 5w at approximately 30m of height within your
 repeater's service area.  Your listed CTCSS of: 146.2 was tried for the repeater
 in addition to the standard PL tones for the area.
 Please respond to this email with an update on this or let us know if your
 repeater is permanently off the air.  Under FASMA policy a repeater
 coordination may be revoked if the repeater is offline without explanation for
 60 days or more.  It is incumbent on the trustee to let FASMA know about any
 operational changes to the repeater as well.
 If any of the operational paramaters have changed, please submit an updated
 coordination form.  The PDF form and information may be found on our website
 Your repeaters information is below:
 Record ID      : 1496
 Callsign       : W9CR
 Output Freq    : 224.0600 MHz
 Bandwidth      : 20.000 KHz
 Emission 1     : 16K0F3E
 Emission 2     : NULL
 ERP            : 321 Watts
 Antenna Height : 106.00 Meters
 Access Tone In : 146.2 Hz 
 Access Tone Out: 146.2 Hz
 DCS TONE       : 
 County         : Polk
 City           : Lakeland
 Lat, Lon       : 27.94, -81.91
 Holder         : Florida Simulcast Group, Inc.
 Trustee        : Bryan Fields, W9CR
 Model          :
 Note the model can be loaded in google and is a standard format KML file.  This
 is automatically generated based on your location, antenna height, ERP and
 Thank you,
 Florida Amateur Spectrum Mangement Association, Inc.

443.4250 KA9RIX Tampa Coordination

This has been running as an uncoordinated repeater for some time.  It’s a multi-mode digital repeater with a remote base on it.

443.4250|448.425|16K0F3E|6K25F7W|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|1|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|1491|1|KA9RIX|Florida Simulcast Group, Inc|Tampa|2020-01-05|2020-01-05|27.95|-82.46|140.21|BANT|NULL|200|25.000|52|104|NULL|NULL|1||NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|1||1|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|1

443.4250 KA9RIX Tampa
443.4250 KA9RIX Tampa

Updates from KA9RIX


145.3900|144.7900|16K0F3E|NULL|141.3|141.3|NULL||NULL||0||NULL|||56|1|KA9RIX|Matthew Bush|St Petersburg|2019-03-16|2020-01-06|27.77|-82.65|45.00|BANT|GP-9|100|20.000|39|98|NULL|NULL|1||0|0|0|0||0||0|0|0|N|0||0

145.3900 KA9RIX St-Petersburg
145.3900 KA9RIX St-Petersburg

147.2850|147.885|16K0F3E|9K36F7W|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|1|1|NULL|NULL|NULL|1493|1|KA9RIX|Matthew Bush|Madeira Beach|2020-01-06|2020-01-06|27.80|-82.80|18.00|GTOWER|GP-9|100|15.000|23|73|17|NULL|1||NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL||NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|0|NULL|NULL

147.2850 KA9RIX Madeira-Beach
147.2850 KA9RIX Madeira-Beach


444.0750|449.075|16K0F3E|6K25F7W|NULL|NULL|NULL||NULL||0||NULL|||373|1|KA9RIX|Matthew Bush|St Petersburg|2019-11-21|2020-01-06|27.77|-82.65|45.00|BANT|DB420|214|25.000|46|99|NULL|NULL|1||0|0|0|0||0||0|0|0|N|0||0

444.0750 KA9RIX St-Petersburg
444.0750 KA9RIX St-Petersburg

444.7250|449.7250|16K0F3E|NULL|103.5|103.5|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|0|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL|424|1|KA9RIX|Matthew Bush|Madeira Beach|2020-04-25|2020-01-05|27.80|-82.80|18.00|GTOWER|X501HD|157|25.000|27|79|NULL|NULL|1||0|0|0|0|NULL|0||0|0|0|Y|0||0

444.7250 KA9RIX Madeira-Beach

444.5000|449.5|16K0F3E|9K36F7W|NULL|NULL|NULL||NULL||1|1|NULL|NULL|NULL|406|1|KA9RIX|Matthew Bush|Madeira Beach|2019-11-21|2020-01-05|27.80|-82.80|18.00|GTOWER|GP-15|89|25.000|24|75|NULL|NULL|1||0|0|0|0||0||0|0|0|N|0||0

444.5000 KA9RIX Madeira-Beach
444.5000 KA9RIX Madeira-Beach