Florida Repeater Council
Meeting Minutes
Melbourne Hamfest
Saturday October 14, 2006

Open Meeting commenced at 15:10
1.  President's opening announcements
2.  146.700 Orlando machine operating without coordination.  Dir Ralph spoke
    with Coy, Repeater Trustee, and advised that he needed to prove the machine was
    on the air.  So far after 4 months there is no proof the machine is operational.
    Referred to board meeting for disposition.
3.  K9MFJ made issue with the time it is taking to obtain coordination. 
    Several directors indicated there is currently a backlog but we are working
    through them.
4.  Suggestion made to have a working application based database.
5.  146.76 in Pasco Co needs to be de-coordinated.
6.  444.575 in Broward Co has conflicting coordination requests.  Mark, D1, is
    working the issue.
Open Meeting Adjourned at 15:43

Board Meeting Commenced at 15:45
1.  Secretary’s reading of previous minutes waived.
2.  Treasury report waived.  Dana indicates there is approximately $7,400 in
    the bank account.
3.  There are approximately 67 requests to be acted upon by the coordinator. 
    The goal is to have these completed before our database submission to the ARRL
    on Jan 1 2007.
4.  Director Reports
    D1-one issue handled by D2 while D1 was away.
    D2-reports that he has had numerous repeaters moving without authorization
       between Districts 1 and 2.  Suggests we do an updated FAQ page on the FRC
       website noting that relocations and technical changes require authorization.
    D3-needs new coordination application for 145.370.  145.310 is now operational.
    D4-No issues.  How do we handle IRLP interference?
    D5-Motion made to de-coordinate AC4Y 146.700 Orlando. Motion passed.  Send
       de-coordination letter.
    D6-No report.  Not in attendance.
    D7-Not getting responses to update requests.  147.315 Jacksonville transfer of
       ownership issue.  We need Bill of Sale and letter from old Trustee releasing
       frequency pair to new applicant.
    D8–Two coordination transfers. 147.375 DeFuniak Springs and 146.970 Perry.
       Dana will process these applications.  New applications were received for
       existing repeaters 147.075 and 146.940 in Panama City.  Motion made to reject
       these new applications.  Motion passed.
5.  Miami Hamfest date to be determined.
6.  Should we do hard or soft copy of the Newsletter?  Discussion tabled until
    next meeting.  We would like to give people a choice.
7.  Motion made to keep 146.940 for emergency use. Motion passed 4-3. 
    Existing coordinations remain valid and no new coordinations will be issued on
    this pair.
8.  Coordination Committee recommendations presented by D4.  Motion made and
    passed to accept proposal.  Committee to start immediately and run as a trial
    for one year with the goal of making the Committee permanent at that time. 
    Committee consists of D2, D4, and Coordinator Dana.  FRC rules will need
    updating to reflect Coordination Committee vs. Frequency Coordinator.  Database
    will need updating to allow logins and updates by the different directors.
    We will allocate 5 UHF frequency pairs for low power, low altitude, “backyard”
    repeaters.  The FRC will coordinate these but only as a registration process. 
    Trustees will still have to follow normal operating guidelines, with the
    understanding that these frequencies are shared and not protected.
9.  Policy Subcommittee – Nilo D1 has begun working these issues and submits
    his findings to Ralph D5 sometime in December.  Discussion tabled until February
10. UHF Emergency Pair Allocation – tabled until February meeting.
11. Discussion on Coordination Database fields - Motion made and passed to
    add the following fields: Coordination Grantee, Sponsor, and Trustee.  These
    additions are necessary to reflect that the owner of a coordination is the
    Coordination Grantee, not the Trustee.  Procedures need to be written for this.
12. ARRL Reimbursement – we need to use our Federal Tax ID to allow for
    reimbursement over $599.
13. Motion made to remove a director if they do not attend 3 consecutive
    meetings.  Removal must be approved by a 2/3 of the Board.  Removal letter must
    be sent to the effected Director before removal.  Motion passed.
14. Digital Repeater Discussion, Mike D4 – Time has come to have procedures
    to manage these systems.  Both Texas and Alabama Repeater Councils have
    experience with these systems so Frank, D8, will call them for information. 
    Results to be discussed at Orlando meeting.  We are looking for comments so
    please send them to secretary@florida-repeaters.org
Board Meeting Adjourned at 17:10

Minutes Submitted by:
Marshall Paisner, N4BIF
Secretary FRC