Florida Repeater Council, Inc.
Minutes of Special Meeting
May 31, 2005

A special meeting was called to order via teleconference at 8:35 PM on
May 31, 2005 by President Ray Kassis, N4LEM.  The meeting was called to
discuss the situation in South Florida on the frequency pair 145.270. 
The Secretary took a roll-call and we had a quorum:

   District 1: Nilo Hernandez, W4HN
   District 2: Mark Filla, KS4VT
   District 4: Mike Fletcher, NI4M
   District 5: Ralph Betts, KC4SGG, Dan Babilla
   District 7: Ben Dickerson, K4EL
   District 8: Frank Butler, W4RH

Director Nilo explained the problem with 145.270 and responded to
questions.  Considerable discussion followed.

Motion made by Director Mike and seconded by Director Ben to uphold (or
endorse) the Paisner coordination because it was issued in good faith
based upon no conflicts at the time of coordination issue.  A vote was
taken with the following results: 1-no, 2-yes, 4-yes, 5-yes, 7-yes,
8-yes (5 to 1).  President Ray will write to KC4MND indicating the board
decision that we are  unable to issue a coordination on 145.270.

Motion made by Director Mike and seconded by Director Frank for the dist
1 and 2 directors to negotiate a conditional coordination for KC4MND on
145.270.  A vote was taken with the following results: 1-yes, 2-yes,
4-yes, 5-yes, 7-yes, 8-yes.

Director Ben explained his thoughts about requiring applicants to send
updates and applicants by certified mail and certifying that they
monitored a desired pair (in the case of new coordinations).  The board
expressed concern about adding this requirement.  Tabled to Melbourne.

The board requested the following change to the on-line application
process: Add verbiage to on-line applications: applicant should hear
something from their director within 15 days and a subsequent email from
the Database Manager or Coordinator.

The board requested the following additional change to the on-line
application process:  Demand a street address or ASR (antenna structure
registration number) on long form updates and applications for new

Director Mike made a motion to change to coordination and
de-coordination approval procedure so that only the neighboring
districts and the affected districts need to vote, it must be anonymous
and be a minimum of 3 Directors.  If there is any dissent then the
request will go to the entire Board of Directors for discussion.  Motion
approved 1-yes,2-yes,4-yes,5-yes,7-yes,8-yes.

Directors Nilo and Frank wonÕt be able to attend the business meeting at
the Melbourne hamfest.

Special meeting adjourned at 10:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Dana G. Rodakis, K4LK, Secretary