Florida Repeater Council, Inc.
Minutes of Annual Business Meeting
February 14, 2004
Orlando, Florida

The open forum was started at 3:30 PM on February 14, 2004 by President Ray
Kassis, N4LEM.  He introduced himself, welcomed all present and said that he is
honored to serve as President of the FRC.  He explained that we had a meeting
the previous week at the Miami hamfest where we dealt with many issues that will
be voted on today.  The Council has recently taken some actions that are
controversial but personal attacks on a volunteer are simply inappropriate.  The
Council has excellent staff members who do good work and are dedicated to the
cause.  The first part of the meeting would be an open format, where anyone
could express any thoughts. This portion of meeting would lead into the formal
portion of the meeting where no participation by the members would be allowed. 
No roll call is conducted during the open forum but the districts are well
representative.  If anyone in District 7 would be interested in serving as
Director please contact me.

Mr. Wally Cashwell took offense to something printed in the newsletter that
stated he was offered the use of a CTCSS board by the Winter Park trustee and
refused.  This statement is not true.  Only Director Mike has been in contact
with Wally.  Director Mike explained the situation and recommended that Wally be
issued a conditional coordination for the upside-down 440 repeater. 
Considerable discussion followed.  This issue will be voted upon in the business

Ray Vaughn, KD4BBM trustee of the 146.76 repeater in Dade county is continuing
to have interference problems with the short-spaced 146.775.  He stated that, in
Melbourne, we were able to state 5 reasons why it should be coordinated.  The
output deviation has been reduced to normal but there are other issues.  What is
current status?  Director Nilo explained the history of this situation. 
Considerable discussion followed.  Director Nilo will work the issue.

James Macri, KC4TRS, owner of 443.900 received a letter of de-coordination and
didnÕt understand why.  The letter was sent in error.

The new SERA band plan for 902-928 MHz contains a possible conflict that would
create interference between FM and small signal users.  Director Mike explained
the details of the plan.

The business meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM on February 14, 2004 by
President Ray Kassis, N4LEM.  The Secretary determined that a quorum of
qualified Directors were in attendance:

Directors in attendance were:
   District 1: Nilo Hernandez, W4HN
   District 2: Mark Filla, KS4VT
   District 3: Karen Power, KD4DJX
   District 4: Mike Fletcher, NI4M
   District 5: Ralph Betts, KC4SGG
   District 6: Dave Armbrust, AE4MR
   District 7: 
   District 8: Frank Butler, W4RH   

Staff Members in attendance were:

   President: Ray Kassis, N4LEM
   Vice President: Ira Bickham, K8HRR
   Secretary/Treasurer: Dana G. Rodakis, K4LK
   Database Manager: Dana G. Rodakis, K4LK


The meeting was then turned over to Vice President Ira Bickham Jr., K8HRR who
entertained nominations for President.  Ray Kassis was nominated for President,
which was seconded and approved. President Kassis re-appointed Vice President
Bickham then entertained a motion to re-appoint Dana Rodakis, K4LK as Secretary,
Treasurer, Coordinator, Database Manager, and Webmaster, Matt Bush, KA9RIX as
6-meter coordinator; and to re-elect the Directors of districts 1, 3 and 5.  All
nominations were seconded and passed.  Director 7 resigned due to health.


A motion was made to dispensed with the secretaryÕs report.  Motion seconded and


A motion was made to dispensed with the treasurerÕs report.  Motion seconded and


A motion was made to dispensed with the webmasterÕs report.  Motion seconded and


A motion was made to dispensed with the database manager and coordinatorÕs
report.  Motion seconded and passed.


A motion was made to dispensed with the all directorÕs reports.  Motion seconded
and passed.


A motion was made by Director Nilo to recind the allocation of the UHF pairs
assigned at Melbourne for emergency use.  He also recommended that link and
control frequency requests be included in the short-form updates.  Motion
seconded and passed.

Director Mike made a motion to request all trustees to supply link and control
frequencies by web site and newsletter.  After 9/11/04, any frequency that is
not reported to be in use in the range 440.0 to 441.975 (out) / 445.0 to 446.975
(in) can be coordinated.  Motion seconded and passed.

A motion was made to adopt the SERA band plan for 902 to 928 MHz with th
exception of pairs 17 and 18 (927.7125 (out) / 902.7125 (in) and 927.7250 (out)
/ 902.7250 (in) respectively).  Motion seconded and passed.

A motion was made to allocate 6 channels on 1.2 GHz for the NESTARC broadband
voice repeater system statewide.  Motion seconded and passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 PM by President Ray Kassis.

Respectfully submitted
Dana G. Rodakis, K4LK