Florida Repeater Council, Inc.
Minutes of Business Meeting
February 7, 2004
Miami, Florida

The open forum was started at 1:09 PM on February 7, 2004 by President Ray
Kassis, N4LEM. The following staff were in attendance:

Directors in attendance were:
   District 1: Nilo A. Hernandez, W4HN
   District 2: Mark Filla, KS4VT (extremely late)
   District 3: 
   District 4: Mike Fletcher, NI4M
   District 5: 
   District 6: Dave Armbrust, AE4MR
   District 7: 
   District 8: Frank Butler, W4RH   

Staff members in attendance were:

   President: Ray Kassis, N4LEM
   Vice President: 
   Secretary/Treasurer: Dana G. Rodakis, K4LK
   Database Manager: Dana G. Rodakis, K4LK

President Ray Kassis welcomed all in attendance.  He explained that there are
two meetings this year.  At Miami we conduct an open forum.  At Orlando we
conduct an open forum and our annual business meeting.  President Ray mentioned
that there have been some recent events where staff members have been personally
attacked.  He mentioned that there are district directors and staff that are
ready to help solve any problems you may have.  Personal attacks on a volunteer
are simply inappropriate.

Orlando Rojas, KC4MZS, VP and other staff of  the C3I Amateur Radio Group,
presented documentation concerning the allocation of emergency repeater pairs on
440 MHz (441.725, 441.750, 441.775).  They have been using these pairs for a
voting repeater system in South Florida for the past 10 years and have been
reporting them to the Council.  They have also submitted other changes that have
not been processed.  They request that the Council cancel this allocation of
emergency repeater pairs.  President Ray commended the group for their working
in constructing and maintaining their repeater system and assured them that
creation of this problem was not intentional.  These pairs are in use elsewhere
in Florida.  District 1 Director Nilo was not present when the vote was taken. 
The Directors have been bombarded with requests for emergency repeater pairs. 
Director Nilo would like this issue on the agenda for Orlando.  Considerable
discussion followed.  This issue will be re-addressed at Orlando.

Gerald Lichterman, KE4ISY requested clarification on applying for seven adjacent
pairs on 1296 for a new analog & digital voice repeater.  Considerable
discussion about our policies and this new technology.

The users of the West Palm Beach repeater 146.670, are experiencing interference
 from a sweeping dead carrier from down south.

Director Nilo is worried that the new policy to deal with paper repeater will
create new interference problems.  Considerable discussion followed.

Respectfully submitted
Dana G. Rodakis, K4LK