Florida Repeater Council, Inc.
Minutes of Open Forum and Board of Directors Meeting
September 9, 2000
Melbourne, Florida

The open forum was started at 3:00 PM on September 9, 2000 by President Ray
Kassis, N4LEM.  The following staff were in attendance:

Directors in attendance were:
   District 1: Nilo A. Hernandez, W4HN
   District 2: Mark Filla, KS4VT
   District 3: Karen A. Power, KD4DJX
   District 4: Paul Knupke Jr., KR4YL
   District 5: Terry Brinson, W9TG
   District 6: 
   District 7: Ted Wirick, W7YJC
   District 8: Frank Butler, W4RH   

Staff Members in attendance were:

   President: Ray Kassis, N4LEM
   Vice President: Ira R. Bickham Jr., K8HRR
   Secretary/Treasurer: none
   Database Manager: Dana G. Rodakis, K4LK

Pres. welcomed all present and explained that the first part of the meeting would
be an open format, where anyone could express any thoughts. This portion of
meeting would lead into the formal portion of the meeting when completed.

He asked for a volunteer to fill the vacant secretary/treasurer position. There
were no takers.

He discussed letters he had received concerning the interference complaint
between N9EE (New Port Richie) and W8PCZ (Ruskin) repeaters caused by linking by
N9EE on a VHF frequency, specifically the input frequency to the W8PCZ repeater.
The letter from N9EE admitted that he was linked on that frequency, a clear
violation of FCC Regs part 97.101(d).

A discussion followed on this issue, we agreed collectively to have Pres. write a
letter to N9EE stating our objection to his practice and to reinforce the concept
that he is in violation of FCC Regs. This will be formalized in the latter
portion of the meeting.

Dist 1 informed us that there are two other similar interference problems that he
is aware of in his district. They are being addressed locally.

The Pres. of the University of Central Florida repeater group informed us that
the same N9EE repeater is interfering with their 146.640 MHz repeater on campus
to the extent that it is unusable a good portion of the time. This is a
long-standing problem for them, they have a handful of correspondences with N9EE,
all to no avail. They were asking us what could be done to resolve this problem.
There is some question as to whether FRC gave N9EE permission to go to the 1100
feet antenna height he is presently at. The question was tabled pending the
arrival of Database manager.

A recommendation from the floor was made to change the coordination policy
distance between repeaters to be based on other factors besides distance. A three
stage proposal was introduced that would be defined for antennas from 1-500 ft,
500-1000 ft, 1000 ft and up. It was also stated that ERP should be entered into
the equation. These issues will also be addressed at the formal portion of the

Dist 4 discussed the 1.2 GHz offset issue that had been brought up at the
previous meeting. he recommended that we take no new action at this time due to
the small number of repeaters in this band and the numerous numbers of channels

Open meeting closed at 1555 and formal portion of the meeting was opened.

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM on September 9, 2000 by President Ray
Kassis, N4LEM, who determined that a quorum of qualified Directors were in

Pres. called for a motion to accept the minutes from the last meeting as
recorded. These minutes were unavailable due to lack of a secretary, but have
been published on the web and in the newsletter for all to read. The motion was
made by Dist 8 and seconded by Dist 3. Passed!

Pres. called for a motion to appoint Dana K4LK as secretary/treasurer in addition
to his other duties. Motion was made by Dist 7 and seconded by Dist 8.  Passed!


District 1:

One interference problem in the district, parties are working on it. No other
issues to report.

District 2:

Director Mark has been appointed as Palm Beach County RACES Director. 147.285
recoordinated to new group and on the air. 146.940 West Palm Beach repeater
trustee no longer a licensed amateur and per the FRC regs should be
decoordinated. After discussion it was agreed to send him a letter and give him
15 days to get the repeater under the trusteeship of a licensed amateur or we
will decoordinate the repeater.

Dist 4 made a motion to accomplish the above stated letter and it was
seconded by Dist 2.  Passed!

147.12 Belle Glade repeater lost its site, moving to a county site.
444.500 repeater is in a 60 day testing period in Brevard County.

District 3:

Discussed a conditional coordination request between two entities that are within
the 85 mile limit. Requested Database manager to permit the two trustees to work
out the details of coexisting and that was agreed to. Involved directors will
also get involved.

Dist 4 report:

Need to see what antenna height N9EE is coordinated for, may have been given
permission prior to our administration, Database Manager will see what earlier
copies of the database shows. This is in reference to the earlier stated
interference problem from his linking on input to W8PCZ's repeater. W8PCZ sent a
letter to Dist 4 concerning this interference problem and W8PCZ expressed his
concerns that FRC wasn't being responsive to this problem. Pres. will draft a
letter to N9EE as stated earlier and express the FRC's position .

Motion was made by Dist 1 to draft the letter and seconded by Dist 2. Passed!

District 5:

No problems to report.

District 6:

Database Manager acting for dist 6 had no problems to report.

District 7:

No problems to report. Raised the question of explaining to the group the FRC
policy on District PL tones as there was a complaint received to the plan.

District 8:

Had one interference problem which was resolved.


Did not utilize funds allocated for new database software. There are 1095
repeaters coordinated in Florida database. There are 25 new coordinations since
the Orlando Meeting. Distributed a paper on the 1.2 GHz repeater offset situation
which also basically stated that no action is necessary at this time. List is on
the web site of those repeaters which have not updated since 01/01/98. These
repeaters need to submit updated reports ASAP.


Dist 8 reported that he went to the Alabama Repeater Council meeting and passed
along a report from them that American Tower Company is buying up every tower
they can. They are then removing every ham installation from them, sometimes
without any warning. This problem will also befall some of our Florida repeater

Pres. suggested that we hold the UHF repeater pair that was reserved for the
Esteves as an emergency pair for any other emergency situation that might come
up. It was agreed.

There was a discussion on how to list the repeaters in the ARRL directory, either
alphabetically or by geographical region. There was no consensus.

Motion to adjourn by Dist 8 and seconded by Dist 2. Passed!

Meeting adjourned at 1658.

Respectfully submitted
Ted Wirick, W7YJC
Acting Secretary