Florida Repeater Council, Inc.
Minutes of Corporate Meeting
September 13, 1997
Melbourne, Florida

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 PM by President Ray Kassis,
N4LEM. Directors and staff were introduced.

The following Directors were in attendance:
  District 1: Nilo A. Hernandez, WD4NLG
  District 2: Mark Filla, KS4VT
  District 3: Karen A. Power, KD4DJX
  District 4:
  District 5: Alfred LaPeter, Jr. W2IL
  District 6:
  District 7:
  District 8: Frank Butler, W4RH

The following staff members were in attendance:
  President Ray Kassis, N4LEM
  Vice President Ira R. Bickham Jr., K8HRR
  Secretary/Treasurer Robert C. Cline, WB2NGZ
  Database Manager Dana G. Rodakis, K4LK
  6 Meter Coordinator Matthew Bush, KA9RIX

The Secretary/Treasurer verified that a quorum was present and that
the Directors and Staff present were qualified.

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: District 1 Director Nilo Herandez made
a motion that the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as
published. Seconded and approved to accept the minutes as published.

PRESIDENT'S REPORT: President Ray Kassis thanked everyone for
attending the workshop and the meeting. It was also stressed that
the Council is anxious to solve the problems with which it is
confronted and encouraged all repeater operators to communicate
with their Area Directors. Participation in 6 meter band activity
was encouraged. The President thanked Database Manager Dana Rodakis
for his excellent work.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: The layout and format of the newsletter was
briefly explained to the members present. Suggestions from the floor
for improvement of the newsletter included the following:
  1. Include one insert page with the dues coupon and a listing of
     new coordinations and decoordinations.
Returned newsletters were turned over to the respective Directors
for investigation.

The FRC account is held by the SouthTrust Bank of Port Orange.
    Beginning balance..........$1173.84
    Expenses...................$ 426.73
    Income (dues)..............$2582.00
    Current balance (9/13/97)..$3329.11

DATABASE MANAGER REPORT: Dana Rodakis reported that there are
currently 1009 repeaters of which 337 are reported as toned.  The
Directors were encouraged to research their areas for "paper"
repeaters. Many repeaters are in jeopardy of decoordination due to
the lack of an annual report and/or activity. After a lengthy
discussion it was agreed that the Database Manager would research
protective security measures for submitting coordinations and
updates via the Internet access.

Old Business:

President Ray Kassis reported that George W. DuBose, Jr., AC4FQ,
requested a polling of the Board of Directors regarding the
decoordination of his 145.410 repeater as recommended by the
District 1 and 2 Directors.  All Directors present affirmed the
decoordination decision except Nilo A.  Hernandez, District 1
Director, who abstained.

President Ray Kassis accepted a motion to continue research into the
expansion of 440 voice repeater pairs to be completed prior to the
Orlando meeting. Seconded and approved.

Motion by Nilo A. Hernandez, District 1 Director, to change the
Database Manager to Database Director and make the appropriate
changes to the By-Laws to show that the Database Director is to be
elected by the District Directors. Second by Frank Butler, District
8 Director.  Approved.

After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that the Database Manager
would send another letter to WB4EMJ and AB4CB regarding repeater
interference and reinforcing the FRC position.

New Business:

Motion made, seconded and approved that the Database Director would
research the feasibility of a statewide PL plan to be approved by
the Board of Directors.

Ray Kassis accepted a motion from the floor that the FRC does not
issue any 12.5 Kc frequency splits pending committee
recommendations. Seconded and approved.

Motion made that the FRC would not participate in the NFCC
coordination group. Seconded and approved.

Motion made, seconded and approved that when an amateur is
requesting coordination of a short spaced (less than 85 miles)
repeater that he must submit a written agreement from both the
coordinated and proposed repeater operators acknowledging and
accepting the short spacing and the technical parameters agreed upon
and that the conditional coordinations be approved by the
Director(s) and the Database Director.

Reports of District Directors

   District 1: The 145.210 and 145.190 repeaters are off the air.
   District 2: No report
   District 3: Correction to phone number listing.  Reports a new
   ATV repeater in Palm Bay, a new 440 machine and a new 6 meter
   District 4: Absent
   District 5: No report
   District 6: By proxy - no report.
   District 7: Absent
   District 8: No problems

The meeting was adjourned by President Ray Kassis, N4LEM, at 5:13

Respectfully Submitted,
Robert C. Cline, WB2NGZ
FRC Secretary/Treasurer
101 Ponce DeLeon Circle
Ponce Inlet, Florida 32127-7205